Get Fit Gang Fitness Program©

Program Geared Toward Busy People

Making a Splash in a District Near You

Effective HIIT Program Made Simple!


In 2020 our lives are more live busy than ever. 

Finding a fitness regimen that can get us in shape lickety-split is imperative!

The Get Fit Gang fitness program© accomplishes this goal. 

The Get Fit Gang fitness program© is a comprehensive, turn-key whole body HIIT program inclusive of all fitness levels, targeting major muscles groups including the heart and lungs, designed to be completed in 30 minutes.

Effective HIIT Program Made Simple!

Making a Splash in a District Near You

Effective HIIT Program Made Simple!


 The Get Fit Gang fitness program© is an innovative interval training program designed for all fitness levels to be conducted at any work site or home setting. 

Included in either the group or individual instructional manual you will find the benefits of each exercise task, a detailed instructional guide to learn the “how to” for each of the 11 exercise tasks in the program (both standard form and modified) a poster or task cards to be set in front of each station during implementation, a time chart, an exercise tracker form and a list of simple materials needed to complete the program.

Making a Splash in a District Near You

Making a Splash in a District Near You

Making a Splash in a District Near You


Hosting a Get Fit Gang fitness program© on your campus 

has  many benefits!  

  • Turn-key whole body fitness program
  • 30 minute HIIT program
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to train staff
  • Can help with the physical, social and emotional well-being of campus personnel
  • Creates a bond between staff often realized only by athletes that could dramatically impact campus culture
  • Could impact deficits noted with staff wellness in district health initiatives
  • Could impact $ spent by districts on health care premiums
  • Cost effective program
  • Off season athletes whose career path is coaching could conduct the classes.

Great PE resource

Individual Version

Making a Splash in a District Near You


  Purchase the fitness program for the staff, but use it to elevate your student’s level of fitness. Coaches and teachers alike would love this as a resource to expedite a student’s level of strength and endurance. Implement a Fitness Friday at your school today!!

Individual Version

Individual Version

Individual Version


  For those who want more flexibility in a fitness program and a good sweat in the privacy of their own home or gym can purchase the 120 page Get Fit Gang Individual Version© which includes all the good stuff as in the group manual with the exception of the task cards. Instead of task cards, a 2 page poster is provided to follow for ease of implementation at home or gym.

Create a new You!

Individual Version

Individual Version


Besides a really strong body you could have: increased metabolism, enjoy a hardy immune system, profit from deep sleep at night, benefit from increased energy, stamina and resiliency; recognize clarity of thought and mind; and, generally have a more positive outlook on life!

Moving our bodies is essential to quality of life. Participating in the Get Fit Gang fitness program © can be an effective way to increase strength and endurance and can help you feel more balanced and alive. 

Education Stakeholders

Collective Greatness

Now, more than ever, we need to focus on our collective health and wellness! Now, more than ever is the time to boost our immune systems, assist our bodies in  removing toxins and seek ways to offset the stress of the day! HIIT programs are the most effective way to address all of those concerns! 

Buy One-Get One for a school or organization in need

In light of the current health pandemic the Get Fit Gang is more committed than ever to impact the health and wellness of others!  We have slashed our prices in hopes of getting our amazing program into the hands of organizations around the globe! 

If your organization purchases copies of the group manual for your district or organization, the Get Fit Gang will donate the same number of books to a organization of your choice in your name

Today is the day to help one another stay healthy and vibrant.  Do it for yourself, your families, your employees and all the people you serve.  Don't delay...make the difference today. 

About Me

Strength Empowers

My passion for fitness and movement began in high school as a girl’s basketball player. My love of the sport earned me a spot as a scholarship athlete on the Rice University Women’s Basketball team. I continued my career as a college coach, high school and middle school coach and health teacher. Additionally, I hold 3 U.S. utility patents on sports training devices designed to increase the chance of success in sport for young children and those with special needs. 

I hold a bachelor's degree in Health and Physical Education and a Master’s degree in Teaching from Rice University. I remained in the field of physical education and athletics for 20 years. The second half of my career and current teaching assignment is in special education. I hold a Master's degree in Educational Psychology, Low Incident Disabilities and my state Principalship certification.

Program Benefits

Gain strength, endurance and heightened energy with three 30 minute sessions in the home or work setting using minimal, low cost equipment following a well-defined HIIT fitness program refined over a 16 year period. You can expect results that will make you feel strong, vibrant and truly alive!

Strength is your goal!

       Inactivity is worse for you than smoking!

The most current scientific research confirms that lack of exercise is worse for you than diabetes and smoking!! The findings of this 23 year longevity study with over 122,000 participants published in 2018 prompted me to finally get this program on paper to provide a solution to the startling findings in this study.